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 The Family Sabbatical Blog  

 of a Full Time Travel Family  

Making our Dream Happen!

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A Family Sabbatical

Sounds amazing, but too far out to realize?

Well, that's what we we thought too, until finally one day we took the BIG decision!


Now, our big family project, our dream, is unfolding and we are traveling full time as a family; exploring, learning, homeschooling, failing and succeeding together.  


We are doing it to have more time as a family, to laugh, to explore, to learn, to reflect and first and foremost to build memories and connections that will last us a lifetime.

Becoming Full Time Travellers

When we were talking and dreaming about our adventure, 

we wanted make it concrete and we each wrote down our vision for


  1. What's your dream destinations ?

  2. What does the perfect day look like ?

  3. What would you want to have learned ?

After this family meeting we looked at each other and laughed. It was so clear. 

Our family is not about checking all the boxes in the tour guide, it's about doing things together, being together 

and 3 things were on top of our lists: Adventure, Learning and Inspiration


Image by Dariusz Sankowski


Image by Daniel Jensen


Image by Rod Long

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