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The 4 Essential Skills for Kids to Self-mange Devices while Traveling, and Beyond

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Do you also get frustrated with your kids' increasing screentime, and the endless conflicts associated with trying to get them off it? Well, it may be by design.

Technology is making our lives easier for sure, and we all enjoy and rely more and more on it. However, behind the scenes, tech companies are employing the best engineers and neuroscientist to make us spend as much time on our devices as humanly possible.

As tech companies try to convince us that we are powerless without tech for the sake of making money, our gadgets have become our masters instead of our tools.

Therefore, we need to proactively develop the right strategies to ensure that we remain in control.


Dr Dedyukhina at TEDx on healthy digital habits

On this, I had the honor of speaking to Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina on the latest version of Forever.Travelers.Family Podcast. Anastasia is a coach, TEDxspeaker, Huffington Post blogger and author of Homo Distractus,

She got rid of her smartphone as well as her senior international career in digital marketing, when she realised how dependent she had become on her gadgets. She eventually set up Consciously Digital, a London-based consultancy that helps people develop a healthier relationship with technology.

In the podcast we discuss how an uncontrolled usage of technology is taking away our choices, freedoms and identities without us realising it. 

​Anastasia is not anti-tech, but advocates digital minimalism, and using tech with purpose to help you claim back your freedom and choices and establish control over your devices.

Specifically for traveling, we talk digital habits and discuss the practical approaches we can use to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life traveling, without giving up tech altogether.

Thanks to managing your relationships with your devices better, you will have more time and energy to do things that matter to you, and form better and deeper relationships with people around you.

We enter into the heart of Anastasia's new book, Homo Distractus, and hear about the 4 best ways to mange your tech time, the "four-pillar methodology":

Forever Traveler Family
  1. Time Mangement; proactively setup limits for when and how much time you allow yourself and your kids to use tech.

  2. Space Mangement; design the space where you use tech...HINT: It should not be in the bedroom.

  3. Relationship Mangement; Ensure you prioritise your relationships and are paying attention to when you are around other people. This sounds easy, but e.g. devices should not be pat of meals and movie nights.

  4. Self Management; ensure that you know and prioritise the things that make you happy and fight for that time, and ask yourself: When I'm 90 years old what am I going to remember?

This methodology is a practical guide to help us own our digital space, time, reputation and relationships online, so that you are less stressed and have more time to do things that really matter to you.

This and much more in the podcast here on; Forever.Travelers.Family

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