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Top 10 Kids Foods in Japan - From a Kid's Perspective

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Top 10 Foods in Japan (Salt and Sweet)

Salt Foods

by: Toby

1: Sushi

The sushi in Japan is great. We mostly had "running sushi", which is where you sit by a table and then, next to you, there is a conveyor belt, which has sushi. The smart thing is, that that the conveyor belt goes around to all the tables, so you don’t have to order anything.

2: Gyoza

A gyoza is a lot like a dumpling or jiaozi, however they are different in texture, taste, and preparation. During WW II a person from Japan wanted to recreate the dumpling “Japanese Style”. The Gyoza is a bit smaller than the jiaozi, has finer chopped filling and has a thinner dough covering.

3: Wagyu Beef

Even though a lot of people consider the Kobe Beef to be the best meat in Japan, I prefer the Wagyu beef because it has more flavor even though the Kobe Beef is more expensive, plus, there isn’t actually that much of a difference. The only different is that Wagyu beef is much better in taste.

4: Ramen

The ramen that we had was in Osaka with some of our friends here from Japan, and it was really delicious. The restaurant was called Ichiran and served all kinds of ramen in small booths so that there is 100% focus on the ramen. In their restaurant in NYC there is even a no talking policy.

5: Tuna

The Tuna in Japan was actually better than I expected. I don’t really like tuna, however, the tuna at the Tsukiji Outer Fish Market, was better than most tuna. If you don’t like tuna or just fish in general, try the Japanese tuna because it's better (and easier to swallow if you don’t want to chew it). :):):)

Sweet Food:

by: Toby + Philip

1: Kakigori

The kakigori was very good. Kakigori is a big bow with tiny pieces of crushed ice. Then, you use a straw to put flavoured syrup inside the crushed ice, and then you eat favourite Kakigori flavour is with lemon, but Philip's favourite flavour is strawberry, so it usually takes a long time to decide on a flavour for us.

2: Dorayaki

I really like the Dorayaki because, it tastes good. The dorayaki is like 2 American pancakes, glued on top of each other, with some kind of red bean pasty filling on the inside. My favourite type of Dorayaki is with Nutella, however, I haven’t seen this in Japan, so I’m not sure it is a classic Dorayaki.

3: Fish Cake

The fish cake is a fish shaped waffle with custard inside. It can also have red bean paste on the inside. We had the fish cake at the shrine with the 10,000 gates (even though it actually has 32,000 gates) and it was so good that we had one on the way there and three on the way back.

4: Japanese Fortune Cookies

Is kind of the same as a normal fortune cookie, but it is bigger, it tastes a bit saltier, it may have two small nuts on the inside that mean good luck, it is more brown than most other fortune cookies, and your fortune is on the outside, whereas with other fortune cookies the fortune is on the inside.

5: Tapioca

It is a tea with pearls in it, also known as Bubble tea. The tea is different depending on what you want. For example, you can get normal tea, mango juice, or strawberry milkshake, or whatever you want. The Tapioca is made as small pearls in the bottom of your drink, hence the bubbles in bubble tea.

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