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Top 5 Places in VIETNAM - from a Kid's Perspective

These are the top 5 places in Vietnam for kids, from a kid’s perspective


Sapa was in my opinion the best place in Vietnam because there was a special French bistro (because Vietnam used to be a French colony) and it was also called French Bistro. It made the second-best burger and pizza I have ever had. Before we went to the city of Sapa, we lived at a home-stay which was the second-best place we stayed in. It was like a farm kind of thing, with a family whom had built their house themselves. It was so good because we had homemade pancakes for breakfast and the family was super nice. Sapa is made up of mostly rice fields and mountains, so we did a hike through the rice fields and up a (small) mountain.


Halong Bay was in my opinion the second best place in Vietnam. We went on La Pandora Cruise, which was one of the bigger boats so that my mom would not get seasick. We stayed for 2 nights, and the first night we were the only children on the cruise, so me and my brother just played pool/billiard, but the second night there were 5 other children whom we could play tag with and stuff. Some of the activities we did were kayaking, biking and swimming.

3. HUE

Hue was a different experience because all the other places we had visited were colder, but this was warmer, and we lived close to the beach and there was a pool. We also visited a very good restaurant named Zucca which had almost every kind of food in the world. I’m talking Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, Vietnamese, Mexican, Spanish, and a bunch of other things. The imperial city was also good.


Hoi An was a fun experience because the first night we went to a restaurant and when we went in it was dry, and when we came out the river had flooded! We especially liked the hotel´s buggy service so that we didn’t have to walk through the rain. A lot of the days we also biked around the city.


Hanoi was good but not like ´´WOW THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!``. It was an ok experience because we saw Le Maison Centrale aka Hanoi Prison aka Hanoi Hilton. There was also a good restaurant called Red Bean which was Delicious with a capital D.

By: Toby

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