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Where You Should Go in Taiwan -From a Kid's Perspective!!!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Where You Should Go in Taiwan From a Kid's Perspective!!!

These are my top 5 places to go in Taiwan:

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

The Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village is my number one pick because, even though the village itself wasn't the best, the amusement park, that is also there, was really fun. We went there when it rained, which was really good because half of the rides are water rides, so you don't feel like you get as wet, and also there are not as many people when it rains.

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake was really fun because there were lots of things to do. My favorites were: Boat riding across the lake, Gondola up the mountain, and the food. In Thao, which is the village we lived in, there was a night market which has really delicious food, and also in the same village, there was a restaurant called Smokey Joe's, which is one of my favorite western style restaurants on this trip.

Taipei 101

The Taipei 101 (in Chinese pronounced: ee-ling-ee) was really fun to visit because it was actually, kind of like a tiny shopping mall at the top, and one of the stores had the best bubble tea I have ever had. It was also fun to look out from the top of the building because, since you are 448 meters (1,470 ft.) in the air you can see almost all of Taipei City.

The Guangzhou Night Market

The Guangzhou Night Market was GREAT because of all the different kinds of food you could try. There was everything from boneless pork ribs, pieces of guava with the peel shaved off. There was even a tiny arcade game place in the middle of everything, which was really fun to try. The market is also right next to the Longshan Temple, Which is good if you like to visit temples.

Eslite BookStore

The Eslite BookStore was also a highlight of Taiwan because there were so many books. There were five floors with only books, in all shapes and sizes (there was really only one shape: Rectangle).

By: Toby

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