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A Typical Lockdown Day

We are three weeks into the Lockdown, and we are actually loving our new Lockdown routines. We might not be moving around exploring New Zealand in the time we had initially planned when we came here, but we are getting so much more out of it.

What We Couldn’t Do on the Road

We have met wonderful neighbors here in Nelson, where we decided to spend the Lockdown – and you can read all about those hours of decision making here. We have also started some projects that full-time travelling didn’t really leave time for, both professionally as well as more personal ones. We have been cooking, barbequing and baking in a well-equipped kitchen. We have watched movies on an actual tv (not on the laptop as we did on the road) and more importantly, we’ve watched it from couches where we fit - all four of us. We have made puzzles, played soccer, tennis and badminton in our driveway, and basically done all the things we haven’t been able to for 8 months.

Only Our Own Deadlines

This Lockdown life isn’t so bad after all. We surely have a huge advantage in the fact that for eight months straight we have been homeschooling the boys and we are used to being together 24/7. Furthermore, we also don’t have the stress and pressure of worrying about work and homeschool deadlines etc. as many people naturally struggle with these days. We only have the deadlines we set ourselves. So, as long as things are the way they are, we feel quite fortunate that we ended up right here in this home in Nelson and we feel that we are making the most of it.

Lockdown Rules

New Zealand is still one of the countries with a low number of Covid-19 incidents, and even though it’s very tough times for many people, the government here has been clear in their communication and the New Zealanders have remained calm and followed the guidelines so far. We are only allowed out for grocery shopping (1 person), to go to the pharmacy and a short walk/run in your neighborhood in your “bubble” (the people you live with).

What Does a Lockdown Day Look Like?

This is it – what a day in the Forever Traveler Family Lockdown life looks like:

Martin and Helene

We get up when we wake up! Start our day with some breathing exercises (the Wim Hof method). Then we get on to some work before the kids wake up. Martin is almost ready to launch a new business, which he has spent all of his lockdown time working on. I, Helene, start my day by preparing the boys’ homeschool work for the day and go through their work from the day before.

Philip and Toby

First thing when the boys get up, they write their 5 minute journal (3 things am I grateful for, 3 affirmations, 3 things I learned yesterday, how could I have made yesterday better, and how can I make today great) and then they make their plan for the day. They know what they are expected to do, but if they have some ideas of their own or something they really want to do, they have the freedom to set their own schedule for the day.

Morning Singing

Then it’s time for our morning song. This is a traditional Danish concept which has had its revival on Danish television in these Corona times. We stream it and sing along to old and new traditional Danish songs – sometimes accompanied by famous Danish artists.

Morning Yoga and Prep.

After the songs, Martin and I do our morning yoga and morning prep. The yoga routine is how we have started our days for 4 years now – and it’s the absolute best way for us to start the day and at the same time connect with each other. We finish it off with a peronal internal prep. We’ve also done this routine on the road whenever possible – and the two yoga mats are besides clothes what takes up most of our luggage.