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The South Island explored by Motorhome, New Zealand, Part 1

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Kia Ora (Welcome in Maori)

Have you also heard from people that New Zealand is “oh, so amazing and beautiful” well, you might get to read that again, BUT you will also read about what cool things we did in this incredible country so far far away (from most places). Get comfortable and we’ll take you away on our New Zealand adventure.

Covid-19 Safe

With a 2 am arrival in Christchurch we were ready to get to our beds in a cabin in a camp site. New Zealand authorities had other plans. This was early days of Covid19 times, so each passenger had to look the airport staff deep into their eyes and tell them if they felt sick. No cheating! There was even a guy who wasn’t let on board our flight in Sydney, as he clearly looked unwell with flue/cold symptoms. After declaring all four of us fit for… more traveling, we were let into New Zealand having promised to call a specific number should our well-being change.

Go Small or Go Big...

We spent 2 days playing, relaxing, reading and playing around on the campsite before we were ready for our next road trip – 3 weeks in a motorhome exploring the South Island of New Zealand. We had originally booked a campervan – imagine a small van that can change into 2 small double beds. When we saw what we had booked, we all froze… how were we going to fit four people and our luggage into this little van… The boys got into each their seat – between them was the transportable toilet! Right the in a central location inside the van… hmmm…. Still… where to put our luggage? and when time came for changing it into beds… no way! We even talked to a family of four who were returning their campervan. “Don’t do it” was their advice. So, we didn’t. We had to find something bigger, but being pre-corona, everything was sold out. Only one other option available – a big motorhome! We were in a bad negotiation position, but after some time of putting our well-developed talent for talking, negotiating and charming forward, we ended up with an affordable price.

Gone Big and Getting Big Experiences

We were finally off, on our way to cross the South Island. Our plan, now that we were in a self-contained motorhome, was to stay overnight in nature as much as possible. After few hours we pulled over at Castle Hill to do a short hike up to these huge soft curved rocks, that looks as if they have gently been tossed out on the green hills. Along our hike we got up close with some sheep, that we would come to see all over NZ. But it’s a different breed to the “normal” sheep. These ones have thick super curly wool all the way down to their hooves – they really look adorable. After a great hike with lots of playing around and climbing the rocks under a beautiful blue sky, having the entire place all to ourselves, we hiked back to our motorhome and drove on.

Freedom Camping

Our first night in the motorhome we spent by the most beautiful little lake up in the mountains in nature. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our NZ motorhome adventure. Boys playing around outside with sticks and Martin and I could enjoy some great NZ wine while enjoying incredible views! This was just what we have dreamed of, and believe it or not, it continued that way.

Cold Mornings

The next morning, we woke up in a cold motorhome but to a stunning view of the calm lake slowly waking up as the sun slowly hit us coming up over the mountains. We carried on to Arthur’s Pass, where we went hiking through the lushest and greenest nature up to the Devils Punchbowl Waterfall! On our way, we filled up up our water bottles with fresh mountain water from the cold and busy river running that we had to cross. These incredible experiences and hikes in nature kept amazing us as we explored beautiful New Zealand.