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Kids’ Perspective on Lockdown Life

Are you curious about a day in lockdown from two traveling kids' perspective? Well. perfect, because that's exactly what our article is about. Read on.

A Loooong Lockdown

Me (Toby) and my brother Philip, have been in lockdown for the last 2 to 3 months, like almost all other kids. We are part of a travelling family (a family that travels full time) and are used to travelling and being on the move all the time. Naturally, this lockdown has been very different from that (not travelling). Since we have been travelling for the last 8 months, it has been a very welcome break, from having to move home/hotel every 3rd day, but as I am sure a lot of other kids feel, it has also been kind of boring.

Lucky to be in New Zealand

We have been very lucky, though, since we are in New Zealand, and during the lockdown, we were allowed to go outside to take a walk in the neighbourhood. We have been spending a lot of time in our driveway, playing everything from soccer to badminton. We also do homeschool which is almost welcome, since it is something to do. Almost. We actually have shorter school days, with only one weekend day, instead of longer school days with two weekend days. 

Orca Whales Outside our Windows!

We have rented a very nice house, considering we only had 2 days to rent it. We spend a lot of time cooking, because we have a splendid kitchen, and a food fanatic dad. When we leave Nelson we will miss the outstanding view, and we will miss staying home all day. We also have a very beautiful view and we have even seen Orca Whales in the sea directly below our house.

Fun with Flax

We also met our neighbors who have been extremely nice, even teaching us to “Have Fun With Flax”, via classes (with 2 meter distancing of course). Flax is like a plant that the Maori culture used for making basket, clothes and tools. They also used it for weaving. We even made baskets out of the flax leaves. Our baskets should not be used for transporting water through, as the water would just seep through the holes in the basket. On the other side of the water we live by, is where Abel Tasman National Park is situated, and we plan on going there when the lockdown is over. 

By Toby and Philip

If you want to read more about what a day in Lockdown could look like in our traveling family, have a look at this article A Typical Lockdown Day with the Forever Travelers Family. Maybe you want to read more of our articles in "Kids' Corner", then have a look at our other articles written by me and my brother.

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Jul 01, 2020

Hey guys. This is Albert Number 6. We hope you guys are doing well alwez!!!

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