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Best and Worst Things To Do in Tokyo From a Kids Perspective!

(I, Toby, have rated the things from 0, being very bad, and 5, being very good)

# 1: Tokyo Tower 5/5

I think that the Tokyo Tower was a 5 out of 5 because the main deck was really good, but I have a feeling it would have been even better if we went to the very top. From the main deck we could see: The Rainbow Bridge, Daikanransha, and Mt. Fuji.

# 2: Sensoji Temple 3.8/5

The Sensoji Temple was ok but I think it deserves a 3.8/5 because it was not the most “kid friendly” place in the world, but still fun to visit. Building on the “not so kid friendly”, there was also some things you had to do to make it up to the praying stand. For example, you had to wash your hands with sacred water, and you had to rinse your souls and clothes with a special smoke emitted from a well.

# 3: Tsukiji Outer Fish Market 0.3/5

In my opinion the Tsukiji Outer Fish Market was the worst place we visited in Tokyo because we had a 1.5 hour long guided tour, but it was very boring and, in my opinion, the food we tried was not good at all. The only reason it did not get a zero was because one of the booths gave out free candy.

# 4: Old Tokyo 4.3/5

The old part of Tokyo was much better than I expected because, there were little carts and stands, that sold very good food, and the shops sold things that were fun to look at. It was a lot of small streets that led back and forth from the main streets. The houses did not look as Japanese as I would have thought though, considering its the old part of Tokyo.

# 5: Museum of Emerging Science and Innovations 3.9/5

The Museum of Science and Innovations was very good, but a little bit bad. The good part was the third floor about robots and the future because, there were a lot of fun games to teach you about robots and the future, but the bad part was the fourth floor about life science because, there were not so many interactive spaces. Additionally, we saw the most advanced robot, that could walk and talk, in the world right now.

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