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Top 3 Australian Cities - From a Kid’s Perspective!

Updated: May 31, 2020

Here is my list of the top three cities that I have visited in Australia, and it is written especially for kids by a kid! 

1. Sydney 

My Favourite city in Australia is Sydney. I think this because of three reasons: There were some cool things to do, it had an interesting history, and it was very relaxed. 

Some of my favourite things to do in Sydney were The Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and Sea Life Aquarium. When I went to the Opera house, we actually saw an opera piece, which was better than I expected, and I already had high expectations. Sadly the Concert Hall was closed so we went to the second largest hall, and that one seemed big. We also went on a free walking tour, where the lady told us a LOT about Sydney's history. It was very interesting, because I didn't know 95% of the things she said. Lastly, the vibe in Sydney was just very cool and relaxed so it was nice walking around, especially on the main street named George Street, because it didn’t feel crowded but there were a lot of people there.

2. Perth

My second favourite city is Perth. This is because of the Elizabeth Quay, the structure, and again it was very relaxed. 

Around Elizabeth´s Quay there was this artificial island called The Island (what a creative name!) and there was a restaurant that served one of the best pizzas I have ever had, and there was also this really cool playground and a pingpong table. It wasn't your typical quay though, because it was super modern, opposed to a half rotten jetty and three wooden huts. The second reason is that the city had a really nice road grid structure, so it was really easy to figure where you were at all times. The third reason is again that it was very relaxed, and I think that all most all cities in Australia are except for maybe Melbourne which was a bit busier.

3. Melbourne

Melbourne was my third favourite city in Australia, and it was different from all the other cities in my opinion. In a way, it was much busier than all the other cities we went to, but it was still very nice. I think it is so busy, because it is the cultural capital of Aussie land. Some of the things I enjoyed were: the Yarra River, the main streets, and the scienceworks museum. The river flows through Melbourne and the banks are like a food/Restaurant hub of Melbourne. While we were in Melbourne, we stayed with some friends who also had kids, and they taught us how to play cricket. I expected it to be a lot like baseball, but it was totally different, mainly because you didn't need as much space, but I still prefer baseball to be honest.

To sum it up, I really liked everything in Australia, but my favourite cities were: Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

By: Toby

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Hello everyone, wondering where you are now? We were hoping to see you in Nova Scotia Canada at some point. Travel has been restricted here and it looks like July [MAYBE] before we can begin to socialize inour usual manner. I have sent another e-mail

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Great summary Toby, i loved it! I remember i spent a night on Rottnest many years ago, a great place, and Perth my favourite city. I do miss Australia but not the heat of the summer so much. Interested in hearing more about all of the family adventures, thanks for keeping us updated. Hope you are all safe in this coronavirus world, i can't even leave the house very much let alone get to the Rocks / Opera House / Manly beach! James

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